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About Us

The objectives for which the Company is established are: To Carry On The Business As Miners, Explorers And To Process, Develop, Render Workable,Excavate And Dig Tunnel, Quarry And Work On Mines And Minerals Supplies; And To Manufacture, Produce, Supply And Deal In Chemicals Of All Kinds, Whether Describable As Acids, Precious Stone, Alkalis, Solvents, Or Otherwise, And Whether Synthetic Or Naturally

Our Services


Petroleum Prospectors

To Carry On Business As Petroleum Prospectors, Filling Stations, Producers, Refiners And Dealers; And To Harness, Process, Render Marketable, Supply And Deal In Natural Gas; To Produce, Manufacture, Supply And Deal In Petrol, Kerosene, Diesel Oil, Fuel Oil, Black Oil, Lubricating Oil, Lpg Gas,000 Paraffin Wax, Asphalt, Carbon Black And General Agent Of All Petroleum Products And To Do The Same In Respect Of Gas Products, Including But Not Limited To Industrial, Domestic And Cooking Gas.


Construction Services

To Carry On The Business Of Construction Company, Provide Construction Services Of Every Description, Including Erection, Improvement, Repair, Alteration, Maintenance, Demolition Of Construction Works; And To Engage As Borehole Drillers.


Importer and Exporter of Building Material

To Carry On The Business As Manufacturers, Suppliers, Importers, Exporters, And Dealers In All Kinds Of Building Materials And Builders Requisites; And To Manufacture, Supply And Deal (Without Prejudice To The Generality Of The Foregoing) In Building Blocks, Bricks And Cement; And To Supply And Deal In Lime, Limestone, Clay, Sand, Stone, Granite, Marble, Earth And Gravel.



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